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Beyond Advertising

An evolving media landscape.


An evolving media landscape.

Publication Design

Conceived and written by the founders of The Wharton School’s Future of Advertising Program, Beyond Advertising details how modern technology redefines advertising and marketing. Over 200 innovators and visionaries working in various industries and disciplines (including executives, academics, and researchers) provided their insight and feedback on 2 questions—“What could/should advertising look like in 2020?” and “What should we do now to make that future a reality?” Beyond Advertising provides guidance to businesses who intend to evolve with the increasingly dynamic, interactive, and connected media landscape.

This 288-page, hardbound book features a vast compilation of charts, diagrams, and graphs that were reimagined and reorganized to better illustrate the information being presented. The results are a clear and concise set of data visualization graphics that provide a coherent and intuitive visual language that accompanies the narrative text throughout the book.

credit: Photography used is copyrighted by Poulin + Morris Inc. Work for this project was performed individually or as part of a team while on staff as a designer at Poulin + Morris Inc.